This is a fact:  World History is a story about wars.  Despite religions, ideologies, changes in social structures, psychology, psychiatry, cultures, current thinking and the development of new sciences, there is always war. 

What does this mean?  This means we need to accept this fact:  even as individuals, "I am the world and the world is me".  It means we need to change the content of our consciousness, of thought, by understanding the nature of thought.  We need to know which emotions, for instance, are thought induced, what psychological fear is and how to deal with it, what is real and to learn to deal with life in a manner that resists violence, to learn what love really is and what it really is not.  Nowhere outside of the Krishnamurti schools  includes the subject in its curricula.   Nowhere else can this education can be found except from the dialogues and discussions which fortunately were recorded between Krishnamurti and others, such as Professor David Bohm, the eminent quantum physicist, in fact with politicians, philosophers, philanthropists, authors, scientists and, from this learning, arises a deep understanding from which arises appropriate change.

Once you know, you cannot deny.  Knowledge cannot be undone.

So, this page is for all who seriously want self-improvement, who wish to acquire a better understanding of life and how to be peaceful.   Most of all, being serious, you will recognise that attention, not concentration, is a requirement for your success, as is facing yourself, eg. the bottom line of depression is self pity.

The content of the literature found on the site that clicking on the link below takes you to are understandings imparted by Krishnamurti during his years on this planet.  He discussed and explored with other scientists, politicians, philosophers and religious leaders, all of which demonstrate Krishnamurti's compassionate depth of understanding of the human plight,
all of which educate.

When you click on this link, you will be in a position to access the debates, teachings, etc., both in video and written word formats, that will cause you to understand your own mental, psychological and physical condition and thereby the state of the world and ourselves. 

The Ending of Time relates to psychological time.

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